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Merchants' Bridge - Krämerbrücke

One of the landmarks of the city of Erfurt is the Merchants' Bridge, the longest bridge in Europe with buildings that are inhabited.

 The Merchants' Bridge was initially made of wood and then of stone in 1325. It is 120 metres long and originally 62 narrow houses were built on it, which were later converted into 32. Formerly, there was a church at each of the two ends of the bridge and the Aegidien Church on the eastern side still exists today.

There are galleries and boutiques on the bridge today. You can watch Thuringian master craftsmen at work, and ceramics, porcelain, wood carvings, indigo prints and Lauscha glass are popular souvenirs. There are coffee houses, wine traders and delicatessens with Thuringian specialities to tempt you to stay a while.



  • Café
  • Snack bar
  • Restaurant
  • Language: German, English, French
  • Parking for coach: 752
  • Parking for car: 15


Restricted access for wheelchair users Assistance for blind and visually impaired persons Assistance for persons hard of hearing

Public disabled parking spaces and toilet are in the Rathaus car park. From Benediktsplatz, 10% ascent for about 25 metres.  From Wenigemarkt, 8% ascent for abut 25 metres. Assistance necessary for hand-driven wheelchairs. Routes over cobbles. There are no cars on the bridge. 1 or 2 steps to shops, narrow historic doors and little room to manoeuvre. The Cafe zum Rotem Turm and the Aegidien Church have level access. Steps to the church viewing tower.

After Aegidien church archway, left to ford in the Gera, longways slope of 7% for 20 metres,  (cobbles), or barrier-free approach via Kreuzgasse / Kreuzsand to ford (via ramp). To the other bank of the Gera via ramp by the mikwe (30 metres long with intermediate platform, 1.80 metres wide, 6%, cobbles).

The Merchants' Bridge is an element on the iGuide (with induction loops) and the video guide in German sign language. Information in Braille in the "Erfurt" city guide.

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99084 Erfurt

Telephone: +49 (0) 361 66 400

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