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Refectory in Philosophenweg

The "Verein Jenaer Studentenhilfe" (Jena Association for Student Assistance) commissioned a new building in 1927, since the existing facilities for students in Jena were not adequate. The contract for the building was awarded to the "Aktive Bauatelier" (Active Architectural Workshop) of the State College for Trades and Architecture in Weimar, represented by architects Otto Bartning and Ernst Neufert.
The foundation stone was laid in 1929 and the building officially opened in December 1930. The cubic steel frame structure with a flat roof has a red brick facade interrupted by large windows. The swivel windows and universal outside window sills are design innovations. The building included a kitchen, a large refectory, a room for talks and events, a café, small rooms for meetings, a library and staff flats. The Student House was completely renovated in the mid-Nineties and is still used today as a student facility with a refectory, rooms for events and offices of the Thuringian Students' Union.


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Studentenhaus am Philosophenweg

Philosophenweg 20
07743 Jena

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